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The only way to ensure highest quality, is to control the process – from seed to shelf.

As brand of the Sevene Group Olloïs unique and preserved fields are located in the South of France where we plant, grow, and harvest our own medicinal plants.
We make our own mother tinctures, developing and manufacturing homeopathic remedies in our on-site laboratories.
We control every single step of the process in our unique seed to shelf process.
Following strict pharmaceutical and manufacturing standards, we want to give our consumers access to smart and green medicine that they can trust.
Olloïs views homeopathy not as a replacement for modern medicine, but as part of the equation.



In our unique preserved fields in the South of France we plant, grow, and harvest our own medical plants.
The extreme purity of our soils and water leads to the best-in-class homeopathic remedies, anchored in unwavering reference for our environment.
We care about our planet and our ethical responsibility is woven into every fabric of our operations. In a fast-paced and changing environment we are constantly trying to improve our products and processes to become more sustainable.
In 2022 our tubes became 100% bio-sourced and recyclable, made from organic vegetable oil and recyclable.


Our holistic business approach revolves around our responsibilities to our consumers and staff alike.
We are the first entirely lactose-free line of homeopathic remedies on the market.
It is our greater purpose to ensure everyone has access to non-toxic, reliable, and natural treatments that are respectful of living space, individual needs, and well-being.
We love what we do, and we want everyone to be able to benefit from it.


We are providing the highest quality of organic products and we are passionately transparent about it.
Our unique seed to shelf approach allows us to undertake and overlook every stage of the process to ensure highest quality at every turn.
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Olloïs Homeopathy For All


2012 Olloïs launched by founder Guillaume Lois
2014 Olloïs brought the first lactose-free homeopathic pellets to the market
2019 Olloïs became the first line of homeopathic single medicines to be organic certified
2020 Olloïs launched Ollopets, homeopathic drops for pets.
Olloïs merged with Sevene Group, a French laboratory and manufacturer of homeopathic medicines, becoming one of the few Homeopathic brands in the world to be fully integrated, from seed to shelf.
2022 Olloïs became the first homeopathic medicine to be kosher certified.
Olloïs brought the first bio-sourced + 100% recyclable tube to the market.

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