What people are saying about Olloïs

My Choice for Sinus Related Challenges

Natrum Muriaticum, where have you been all my life!? I have been a sinus infection sufferer for years. Only earlier this year did I find this guy by chance... I was purchasing some Sinus Blaster, Sinusalia, et al. at my local Whole Foods when this caught my eye. While it doesn't say for sinus infections, the symptoms fit at the time. The other remedies I had used always worked... eventually. However, this particular homeopathic went to work right away. In fact, now I keep one or two on hand and anytime I feel the beginning of something sinus related, I pull this tube out. This is as good as it gets.
— SusanKW

Took me off prescription pain killers

I had whole body pain that initially required Codein pain killers when very bad but Aleve 3x daily, both of which is not good for a long term. Hiking in Europe, I ran out (or lost or threw away) the prescription item and then found that Europe has pretty much banned Aleve and related OC products. But a village 'Pharmacia' suggested Arnica tabs which were inexpensive for a lot of doses. Wonderful, especially as the relief takes place in about 2 minutes and lasts typically nearly 8 hours for me. I've stocked up with these 80 pellet containers placed everywhere I might find myself – car, backpack, bedroom, city walking bag. Cant' recommend this product enough!
— Magiclander

Great vegan homeopathic alternative!! Lactose free

These help so much with pain and bruising. I'm vegan and also lactose intolerant. The regular ones made me so sick!
— Mindy

Five Stars

I used to work for a Homeopathic MD and was always hoping for the day that the sugar would not be dairy, as I have a few allergies and intolerances. I saw for the first time your products at my local Whole Foods and look forward to purchasing them!
— Stephanie T.


Hard to find lactose free! Love these!
— SRiv

Immediate Muscle Pain Relief

I found out about Arnica Montana when I was researching liposuction aftercare and some ladies were saying it helped to reduce or eliminate bruising. I then researched some more and others said they got great help with arthritis and muscle pain.I was going to save it for my liposuction date but decided to take it instead of Naproxen to see if I could get some help with a muscle sprain in my back.My dose is 5 pellets once a day when I'm in pain and it works immediately!Scared I would run out too soon, I ordered another one for after my lipoI will write another review about the post liposuction bruising at a later date.
— B1ackbeauty