A new culture of natural health.

Olloïs is a brand of Sevene Group which develops an integrated approach to natural and holistic health.

From growing its own medicinal plants to developing homeopathic remedies in its France-based pharmaceutical laboratory, SEVENE is driven by its ambition to offer safe, effective, smart natural health solutions that successfully address the concerns of our time.

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Medicinal Plants

Naturally protected against pollution, the Mazet gardens, located in the Cévennes region of France, offer an exceptional environment for the cultivation of many medicinal plants.

Research carried out with the CNRS ( French National Center for Scientific Research) has confirmed the extreme quality and purity of the soil and water.

Sevene currently cultivates about one hundred plants of great purity.

Mother tinctures

Sevene is able to produce high quality mother tinctures and has invested in a homeopathic manufacturing unit with GMP certified, and in compliance with the strictest regulations.

This production is framed by very rigorous pharmacopeias, and strict controlled pharmaceutical regulations.

Homeopathic remedies

Sevene produces its own homeopathic medicines with a fully integrated process, allowing to control the chain from the plant to the remedy, which ensures complete traceability and quality of the remedies.


Sevene has always been committed to scientific methods, and has either contributed indirectly or invested directly in research to develop natural remedies for humans, animals and agriculture.

The company continually monitors the work of scientists around the world to identify research and scientific developments with applications in its own field.