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We’ve all had that queasy feeling in our stomach at one time or another. Nausea is the catchall descriptor for the uneasy feeling that vomiting could occur. Determining the cause can be tough to pinpoint. There are many causes of nausea. Eating too much or too quickly, is a frequent cause – which can also be a precursor to indigestion. Food-borne bacteria or food poisoning, and slight allergies to food can manifest as nausea. Certain medications – especially when they aren’t taken with food as directed – can upset your stomach.

Motion sickness is also a very common condition that causes a nauseous feeling. Many people get this sensation when travelling in long trips in the car – often when riding in the back seat – or when travelling on a train. Similarly, seasickness is the result of motion and movement being slightly out of sync with the brain’s perception. Dizziness may also occur –which leads to nausea followed by vomiting.

Performing even simple tasks can be nearly impossible when dealing with a bout of nausea. Unless the symptoms are very slight, most people find themselves limiting their activity until the feeling subsides. On an average day, this can be a major hindrance to your productivity and ability to socialize. Quite expectedly, dealing with nausea will cause your appetite to be drastically reduced or gone entirely. For a parent tasked with preparing a meal for kids, any interaction with food has the potential to be off putting. And in stronger cases, may induce vomiting.

Regardless of the situation, finding any relief becomes the first priority. Homeopathy for nausea is available and can soothe your symptoms quickly. A remedy like Nux-Vomica-30c, available from Olloïs, has been shown to treat a host of digestive issues including nausea.

Discover a lineup of 100%-natural homeopathic remedies that can help you overcome nausea and other ailments today.

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