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Few things can bring your day to an abrupt halt like stomach pain. Since we’re always in some stage of the digestive process, any disruption to the system can leave us feeling nauseous or physically ill. There are a number of digestion issues that could be the source of some amount of stomach pain. Heartburn can occur soon after eating – as well as allergic reactions to food we’ve eaten. Food poisoning can be experienced many hours after ingestion and constipation or diarrhea can be factors that cause significant pain and discomfort at the waste-removal phase of the process.

Gas as a result of fibre-rich, sugary, and starchy foods, and the pain associated with excessive gas, stems from the large intestines and the bacteria that aid in digestion. The resulting fermentation creates the gas that’s expelled through flatulence. An excessive buildup can be quite uncomfortable.

Perhaps the most frequent source of a stomach pain complaint is indigestion. This is often caused by overindulgence. Occasions where lots of food is available, such as a holiday dinner, wedding, or party, are environments conducive to eating much more than your body requires – or, than your stomach can handle. The problem is that this often happens when there are plenty of distractions around – making it easier to ignore the signs and messages from your stomach that it’s had enough. Often, the following morning can be very uncomfortable as the overfilled feeling persists.

Turning your day around requires effective treatment. For those who are looking for a natural remedy, there is homeopathic medicine for stomach pain available from Olloïs. Both Hydrastis-Canadensis-30c and Nux-Vomica-30c are good organic choices that can provide you with the relief you need.

Learn more about the all-natural organic remedies available from Olloïs and see how they can have you feeling your best.

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