Collection: Sleeplessness

The average adult needs 6-9 hours of sound sleep to feel their best, but approximately 35% of adults battle sleeplessness. Over the course of our adult lives, most will deal with at least some short-term sleeplessness . This leaves a person feeling sluggish and lacking the ‘get-up-and-go’ that they feel they should have. It can cause a feeling of not mental fog, making managing multiple tasks more challenging than it should be. The general feeling of fatigue can be very frustrating; leading to a lack of motivation and feelings of depression.

The symptom of insomnia can become a major concern in certain occupations. In jobs where driving, operating heavy equipment or machinery is involved, mental sharpness is crucial to ensuring safety. Many workplace accidents are the direct result of fatigue – emphasizing how valuable your rest is.

There are a range of potential causes and contributing factors that bring about an onset of insomnia. Stress may be the most common factor. Mental stress can put your body and mind in a state of hyperarousal. These feelings of anxiety become difficult to shake, especially at night, making relaxation and falling asleep a challenge. The insomnia itself can become an additional stressor which fuels the problem further. Irregular sleep patterns, which too, can be caused by stress or lifestyle, can make falling asleep at night difficult, and overstimulation of the brain late at night (by working or using electronic devices) can cause sleep struggles.

Luckily, there is homeopathic medicine for sleeplessness. A natural product like Coffee-Crudea-30c from Olloïs can help you get a restful sleep and enable you to realign your sleep patterns. Almost counterintuitively, the coffee bean can act as a sleep aid as well. This treatment can help relax the overactive mind – diminishing the feelings of worry and anxiety that keep you from falling asleep.

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