Collection: Running Nose

A runny nose can be caused by a variety of issues. Anything that causes irritation or inflammation to nasal tissue can lead to a frequent nose blowing or wiping. The common cold, influenza, and seasonal allergies are causes that most can relate to.

The nasal irritation that comes with a runny nose also causes sneezing. Both of these are your body’s effort to reject dirt, bacteria and irritating allergens. The mucous of your nose traps these invaders so they can then be killed by the stomach acids. Sneezing, as part of the body’s defence, works to expel these irritants. Depending on the root cause, both of these conditions can result in the spread of germs and infection.

Living with a runny nose can be problematic. Whether you’re dealing with a contagious virus or not, the perception of those in a public setting will assume you are – and for good reason. Germs can spread rapidly when a sneeze sends microscopic water droplets great distances. And, without frequent handwashing and/or disinfecting, anything you touch can potentially leave germs and transmission sites of viruses and illness.

Homeopathic medicines for a runny nose can help make this condition much more manageable. Not only can they help alleviate the itchy and irritating feeling that comes with the condition, but can also minimize the discharge of mucous. This can reduce the redness, irritation and pain of the nostrils caused by frequent wiping and nose-blowing.

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