Collection: Indigestion

Like many of the nagging conditions that interrupt our busy lives, indigestion is another symptom of our body’s defence system stepping into battle. Unfortunately, this has some inconvenient consequences. Overwhelmingly, indigestion is caused by overindulgence. At the time, most may be unaware or ignoring the early signs that it’s occurring. For many, the next morning includes the uncomfortable feeling of indigestion.

Usually, the first signs of indigestion are waking up and feeling over-filled. Even getting out of bed can be an uncomfortable feeling as bloating due to gas can cause difficulty when moving and twisting. Sufferers may also feel a burning sensation in the upper abdomen; which may feel similar to heartburn. While both are separate issues, they can often go hand in hand. Needless to say, dealing with indigestion can make every other part of your day feel difficult or near impossible. Anything involving physical exertion may have to be delayed while you wait for your stomach to settle. And the whole process, coupled with a lack of appetite, may leave you feeling sluggish and fatigued. Other symptoms of indigestion are burping up small amounts of food or liquid – an uncomfortable and unpleasant occurrence.

Fortunately, there is homeopathic medicine for indigestion. To help you alleviate the discomfort, a product like Olloïs’ Nux-Vomica-30c will ease these symptoms. It’s been shown to offer benefits to those suffering from a number of related digestive issues including relieving symptoms associated with food poisoning.

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