Collection: Homeopathy For Digestion

Digestive issues can cause a great deal of discomfort, and there are as many root causes as there are associated remedies. It can be something so simple as a reaction to a particular type of food or even be directly related to stress – regardless, your digestive health can be a great indicator as to your overall health. When suffering from bloating or excessive gas, Carbo Vegetabilis can keep your gut in check. If you’re dealing with the aches and pains associated with diarrhea, Arsenicum Album is here to help. When your stomach is giving you trouble, we’ve got the homeopathic remedies for digestive issues that may be right for you. With homeopathy for digestion, a better belly* and a happier gut* are just a few simple steps away.


What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a medical practice based upon the boday's ability to heal itself, and the principle that "like cures like" or the Law of Similars: that is, if a natural substance causes a symptom in a healthy person, a very small amount of the same substance may help relieve symptoms of the illness. Homeopathic medicines enhance the body's normal healing and self-regulatory process.

How do I take homeopathic medicines?

Homeopathic medicated pellets contain only a little of an active ingredient for treatment of disease. These are known as highly diluted or "potentiated" substances. Homeopathic medicines should be placed under the tongue of adults and children or in the cheek of an infant, where they will dissolve. It is preferable to take homeopathic medicines apart from meals. The dosage is not related to the weight and age of the patient. In general, dissolve 5 pellets 3 times a day until symptoms are relieved or as directed by your health Care Professional.

Is there evidence that Homeopathy works?

There are literally hundreds of high quality, published basic sciences, pre-clinical and clinical studies showing that homeopathy works. These studies have been published in respected journals like Lancet, Pediatrics, Rheumatology, and Annals of Internal Medicine, among others.

A great source of high quality research in homeopathy at an
international level is the Homeopathic Research Institute in the U.K. headed by physicist, Dr Alexander Tournier. Click below to learn more about their studies and rigorous methods.

Is Homeopathy regulated?

The U.S. Congress passed a law in 1938 declaring that homeopathic remedies are to be regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the same manner as nonprescription, over the counter (OTC) drugs.

Is Homeopathy new?

The Law of Similars has been known since at least the time of Hippocrates (ca. 400 B.C.), but it was doctor and chemist Samuel Hahnemann who fully stated the ideas of homeopathy in the early 1800's in Germany. He discovered the truth of the Law of Similars by testing small doses of medicine on himself. Although there is wider acceptance of homeopathy in countries such as France, Germany, Mexico, Argentina, India and Great Britain, we have seen a greater interest in homeopathic medicine in the USA recently. In fact, the family doctor to England's Queen Elizabeth is a homeopathic physician.

What is the difference between the dilutions?

30C dilutions are traditionally used in Homeopathy to address general and chronic symptoms.

200CK dilutions are usually recommended by healthcare practitioners when there is an emotional component associated with physical symptoms.

Which base ingredient do you use for your pellets?

Our pellets are made from Organic Beet Sucrose exclusively grown in Europe. We then impregnate the pellets with the homeopathic dilution of the remedy.

Are Olloïs remedies HAS/FSA eligible?

Yes, Olloïs homeopathic remedies are eligible.

What Other Homeopathic Remedies Does Olloïs Offer Besides Treatments for Digestion?

Alongside Treatment for digestion, Olloïs offers a wide range of homeopathic remedies for various conditions, including pain relief, cold and flu, digestive issues, and more. Discover our full range of homeopathic solutions in our Homeopathic Remedies Collections.

Why Use Homeopathic Medicine for Digestion?

Homeopathic medicine for digestion is a natural choice for those seeking relief from common digestive discomforts without the side effects often associated with conventional treatments. Olloïs' homeopathic remedies are tailored to suit various dietary needs, offering a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to improving digestive health. Learn more about these natural digestive aids on the Homeopathy for Digestion page.

Which Homeopathic Remedies are Good for Digestion?

Olloïs offers a variety of high-quality homeopathic remedies specifically designed for digestive health. Notable options include Carbo Vegetabilis, for bloating and gas*, and Arsenicum Album, which can help with the aches* and pains* associated with diarrhea*. These remedies are part of Olloïs' comprehensive approach to digestive wellness, ensuring effective and natural care for various digestive issues.

Why use homeopathic medicine for digestion?

Homeopathy for digestion addresses your symptoms* in a natural way that’s good for your body and even better for the planet.

Here at Olloïs, our seed-to-shelf process originates in Southern France, where our preserved fields are lovingly and sustainably tended and harvested. The medicinal plants we grow there become the tinctures we sell to you, to help heal your gut* and any other place you’re experiencing discomfort. We pride ourselves on a fully-integrated growing and selling process, always centered on accessibility, sustainability, and integrity.

DISCLAIMER: Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.

Which homeopathic remedies are good for digestion?

Digestive problems happen to all of us from time to time, but they certainly can cause an intense amount of discomfort. Whether you’re experiencing a specific symptom,* or a mix of a few, you can use our homeopathy for digestion remedy finder to find something that will address your digestive issues head on.

For example, if you’re experiencing nausea* coupled with indigestion* or sleep struggles,* our Nux Vomica tincture may be for you. This natural remedy for digestion is a highly-diluted substance made from the seeds of the Nux Vomica plant, that can help with symptoms associated with overindulgence.*

Alternatively, you may be suffering discomfort from bloating* and gas.* To break those bubbles down, our highly-diluted Lycopodium Clavatum homeopathic treatment is plant-based, certified vegan, and aims to soothe your stomach symptoms.*

You can explore our entire range of homeopathy for digestion, or invest in an Olloïs Digestion Kit that’s convenient to travel with and easy to use when digestive issues have got you down.


Who should consider natural treatment for digestion?

If you’re someone who’s experiencing digestive problems and is looking for a natural solution, homeopathy for digestion may be the right choice for you. Try a homeopathic medicine for digestion problems if you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms:*

  • Bloating;*
  • Diarrhea;*
  • Gas pain;*
  • Abdominal inflammation;*
  • Nausea;*
  • Sour stomach;*
  • Vomiting.*

In addition to treating a variety of symptoms,* you can choose a homeopathic remedy for digestion that fits various dietary needs ⎯ including gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan, and Kosher Certified. First and foremost, our line of homeopathy for digestion products are made with you and your needs in mind.

What is homeopathy for digestion?

Homeopathy for digestion is a way to treat related symptoms* with natural and gentle remedies. These types of natural remedies have been around for centuries, and now are an increasingly popular complement to modern medicine. At Olloïs, we incorporate the latest developments in medical research to create homeopathic treatment for digestion that marries the very best of science and nature.

Our natural medicine for digestion uses highly-diluted but potent forms of elements found in nature. The resulting tinctures use homeopathy for digestion to soothe your symptoms* and encourage your body's instinctive healing mechanisms.