Tips For Relaxed Traveling

Tips For Relaxed Traveling

While traveling can be a fantastic opportunity to see the world, it can also come with a lot of stress. Making plans, environmental changes, weather troubles, and a lack of routine can all impact your mental and physical wellbeing. In order to support a healthy travel experience, it’s important to prioritize adequate sleep and stress reduction. Whether traveling locally, abroad or state to state, here are some tips for relaxed traveling.


Nervous Anticipation From Flights or Foreign Environments

Anticipatory anxiety is something many people deal with as a result of flying, leaving home, or traveling to a foreign place. It’s important to travel with someone you trust and be open about any concerns you may have. If you’re lack of plans is inducing anxiety, make sure to create a clear plan ahead of time. Having a backup plan in place can help you feel calm as you move throughout your travels. Taking Olloïs Argentum Nitricum is traditionally used for soothing nervous anticipation or stage fright.* It could be helpful to take prior to and during your flight as needed. When you reduce negative emotions, you’ll be able to be present and enjoy yourself.


Trouble Falling Asleep or Difficulty Due to Jetlag

Whether you are traveling to a new time zone, or just having sleep trouble due to travel, there are some solutions that can help. Many people complain about having issues falling asleep in a new place. In order to get sleep, you need to rejuvenate and try to mimic a similar routine as you would at home. Take a warm shower, do your skincare, and read a book. It can be confusing for our mind and body when our routine/environment rapidly changes at once. Spraying a magnesium spray on your wrists, feet, and neck can also help you induce sleep naturally. Olloïs Coffea Cruda is traditionally used for difficulty falling asleep.* Keeping this in your travel bag is a great thing to have on hand.



Headache, Fatigue, or Illness Due to Traveling

Your immune system can become compromised during travel and exposure to new environments. Take a proactive approach, and support your immunity before, during, and after your trip. Natural supplements, nutrient-dense whole foods, and plenty of hydrating liquids are essential. Olloïs Gelsemium Sempervirens is a great homeopathic treatment for apprehension, headache, body ache, and fatigue associated with the flu.* Keeping this in your travel bag will help you rest easy knowing you have what you need if you start feeling under the weather.


Sleeplessness, Nervousness, and Headache Due to Emotional Distress

There are many reasons emotional distress can occur as a byproduct of travel. Sometimes plans don’t work out or we find ourselves in unfortunate circumstances while traveling. Nonetheless, the last thing you want is your mood to get you down and lead to physical symptoms as a result. Keeping a travel journal is a great way to unpack your mind, stress, or worries while you’re on the go. Understand when you might need to take a break and stay in for the night if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Taking Olloïs Ignatia Amara may help with sleeplessness, nervousness, and headache due to emotional upset.* Your mental health affects your physical health and it’s important to care for both of them.


The best thing you can do for yourself while traveling is to create a homeopathic travel kit. Olloïs has a Sleep & Stress Kit that is perfect for traveling, and it comes with a free complimentary travel case. The more prepared you are, the easier it will be to ensure your travels are relaxing and enjoyable.

Wonder how to keep your remedies perfectly in place while traveling? Check out our Olloïs Travel Case! It has room for four of your favorite remedies - perfect for traveling so you have your go-to homeopathic remedies on hand.


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