The Natural Way to Better Health - A Wholesome Lifestyle Part II: The Mind

The Natural Way to Better Health - A Wholesome Lifestyle Part II: The Mind

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Do you ever feel weighed down by mental baggage, unable to catch a break? In the modern age of technology, many of us are overstimulated, overworked, and constantly strung out on stress hormones. You may not realize how influential your mental health is on your overall wellbeing. The truth is you could be sitting on your couch stressing over your to-do list, and your mind and body inch that much closer to total burnout. Unfortunately, there’s no way to make life’s responsibilities completely disappear. You probably have a career, family, home, hobbies, and plenty of other priorities that fill up your plate. The secret is there’s ways to handle life’s stress while caring for yourself emotionally. It’s a balancing act that not always easy, but it's totally worth it in the end. If you keep the needs of the mind bottled up, it’s just a matter of time before you become drained, overwhelmed, and emotionally erratic.

There’s a few main signs of an overwhelmed mind. If you start experiencing these symptoms, it may be a red flag that you need to take a step back. Imagine a big roadblock in front of you flashing “BURNOUT AHEAD.” You wouldn’t ignore it would you? If you start experiencing racing thoughts, trouble sleeping, forgetfulness and an inability to focus. These are all patterns of an overstressed mind. As humans we can only take so much. We treat our minds and bodies like they’re invincible, but over time you wear down. The number of mental health issues in the twenty-first century is at an all-time high. People aren’t able to reach their true potential or explore the path of health and happiness they deserve.

Whenever you experience these symptoms it’s important to listen to your body. Your mind directly influences your body. Our systems communicate with us every day to express when we’re hungry, energized or need rest and recovery. The long-term health effects of an over stressed mind include depression, eating disorders, menstrual problems, and heart disease. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the importance of leaning into healing, mindfulness, and balanced holistic practices.

We’re going to share with you a collection of ways you can care for your mind. It’s not impossible to live life feeling good, you have more control over your mindset than you may think. Many of us let our minds run rampant, unable to catch one thought long enough to sit and understand it. The first step of increasing your mindfulness practice is awareness. It’s important to take a second to breathe and become aware of your thoughts. How are you feeling? Why? Are you actually feeling that way, or are you tired? Hungry? Once you start becoming aware, it’s much easier to notice patterns in your thinking. You can step into a space of power, where you control your thoughts (instead of the dreaded alternative).

There’s a few important tools you can put in your toolbox to increase awareness and create healthy mindfulness habits in your daily routines.

Let’s break it down to our top three recommendations.

 1. Meditation

In recent years, meditation has gained a lot of popularity. There’s apps like Calm and Headspace you can use as well as other helpful resources. Many people overcomplicate meditation. The truth is anyone can do it! The essence of meditation is about surrender and coming back to the self. Sit in a grounded place with silence or calming music and focus on your breathing. Your brain isn’t going to turn off automatically, so don’t stress if your mind wanders a bit. Just try your best to become aware of your senses, breath, thoughts, and mind.

Meditation can have a huge impact on creating a proactive peace within you, instead of a reactive stress. If you’re starting your day filled with nervous jitters, maybe you have a job interview or a big business meeting coming up. We recommend adding Olloïs Argentum Nitricum to your morning routine, alongside a five-minute meditation. This is a natural way to deplete those stress butterflies and ground you for the day ahead.

 2. Sleep

Rest is one of the most important factors in helping you get through the day. If you are consistently neglecting your beauty sleep, you’re in the fast lane to burnout. When you sleep your mind works on processing and recovering from the day’s activities. For some people, everyday can feel like you are constantly going until you put your head on the pillow at night. If you don’t have a strong evening routine, your body won’t unwind and signal to your brain it’s time to rest.                                  

Overactive stress hormones can lead to racing thoughts and crippling insomnia. The worst feeling in the world is hearing the alarm go off at six am, and realizing you’ve been awake all night! In order to sleep better, you must soothe your mind. Maybe take a warm Epsom Salt bath, unwind with some tea, or try Olloïs Coffea Cruda for sleep. Coffea Cruda is a natural and side effect free sleep aid that can help you build a strong sleep schedule you love! Holistic health remedies love you from the inside out and support your body in a natural way. This is a great alternative if you suffer from insomnia.

 3. Get Offline

 We can’t fight the fact that we live in the age of the internet. However, it’s draining to constantly be tapped into our phones, social media, emails, TV’s and the list goes on. Especially when you’re trying to wind down in the evenings, it’s important to take time to disconnect. Maybe spend time with your partner electronic-free or read a good book in bed. The blue light interferes with our body’s natural melatonin production. In addition to this, our mind is constantly absorbing the lives of hundreds or even thousands of people. It’s stressful! When you spend less time online research shows you sleep better, your anxiety lowers, and your mental health gets stronger. You don’t have to get rid of your indulgences completely but work on carving out at least an hour offline a day. Maybe when you’re cooking dinner, try out some Olloïs Ignatia Amara. It helps naturally wind you down, calm anxiety, and relieve headaches. If you come home from your office job, you may not feel your best after a day on the computer. Ollois is here to help you unwind naturally and is a great to spend a relaxing hour offline.

In the end, stress is inevitable, but you don’t have to let it run your life. We’re here to help you cultivate balance from the inside out. You deserve to feel your best, find peace, and live everyday fulfilling your true potential. Try out these three simple steps to a holistic mindfulness practice to calm your mind.


Check out our Ollois products for help as you expand upon your health journey. We specialize in homeopathic remedies for health and happiness because we know what your body deserves.


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