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A skin rash can be triggered by numerous factors. Chronic conditions like eczema or psoriasis can flare up at almost any time – but they too can be triggered by situations like dryness or stress. Rashes are also a primary allergic reaction as well. The allergy could be to a food that’s been eaten, a fabric that’s been worn, or a plant that you’ve rubbed up against while on a hike. Similarly, reactions to medications can also cause skin rashes. Babies are also susceptible to diaper rash due to moisture irritation.

People dealing with rashes will often report being self-conscious of their appearance; especially if the rash is in a highly visible area. Especially with children and teens, prolonged rashes can be a detriment to their confidence. For those with more severe rashes, where sores may be open, certain public settings such as gyms or pools may not be an option for personal and health reasons.

Most rashes come with some amount of itchiness. Depending on the condition, this varies from very slight to intense. Some eczema sufferers can create further complications, such as infections, by scratching their itchy rashes. And the discomfort associated with even mild itchiness can be a major distraction and annoyance during daytime hours and an insomnia-inducing ordeal during the night.

Natural homeopathic medicines for skin rashes and itching are available and can be effective. This 100%-natural homeopathic treatment from Olloïs can also help calm the flare up of a rash and its itchiness.

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