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A sore throat is often the first indicator of an oncoming cold or illness; but they can also be the result of dryness or an allergy. For a non-infectious sore throat, such as a cold, the mucous that drips from the back of the nose and down into the throat – referred to as post-nasal drip – can cause the throat to become irritated. An allergy can cause a similar effect. The congestion and stuffy noses caused by allergic reactions to dust, hay fever, other pollens and grasses, or even cat dander, can result in similar throat irritation.

A dry environment can also lead to a sore throat or amplify the effects of the issues that cause them. During the dry winter months, many people experience waking up in the morning with an irritated throat. Sleeping with the mouth open – during periods of nasal congestion – can often be a trigger, and the combination of dry air and being slightly dehydrated can cause the sensation of a raw throat in the morning.

Viral and bacterial infections can begin feeling quite similar. Discomfort can range from a minor tickling sensation or scratchy feeling to varying levels of pain – including pain when swallowing. While most sore throats aren’t serious, prolonged and intensifying pain should be checked out by a doctor. A swab can determine whether it’s Strep Mononucleosis or another viral infection that can be treated with antibiotics.

Dealing with a sore throat is, quite simply, uncomfortable. In most cases, though the sufferer may feel otherwise healthy, this discomfort can be a significant interruption to daily life. Simple activities like speaking and eating can be difficult. A homeopathy sore throat remedy, like Phytolaca-Decandra 30C, will help alleviate that raw, irritated feeling - enabling you to carry on comfortably. Learn more about our 100% organic lineup of homeopathic remedies today.

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