Collection: Restlessness

Whether it’s during the day or night, feelings of restlessness can be frustrating. Throughout the day, this is displayed by an inability to sit still. People dealing with restlessness feel like it’s nearly impossible to block out the distractions and focus on one or a select few tasks. For an average working parent with a long to-do list each day, this presents a significant challenge to productivity – at home and on the job. Depending on the situation and the person, this can feel like it’s being driven by pent up physical energy or having a mind that won’t stop racing – or both. This symptom often manifests itself in pacing, a constant need to get up and take care of small, low-priority tasks, or an endless need to fidget. Some people who are suffering from physical, or motor, restlessness may even feel like they are getting cramps in their arms or legs. Tapping of the hands and feet are also a common sign of restlessness.

Being easily distracted is commonly reported by those with feelings of restlessness. For those who work at desk jobs involving long periods of time spent seated, this is a source of major frustration. That frustration is then amplified as a deadline looms and tasks haven’t been completed. That can add to stress levels and exacerbate the condition. When it comes time to wind down for the night, restlessness presents even more issues. Most who are restless during the day will note that this often impacts their ability to fall asleep at night. Even mild insomnia can result in difficulty in the following days.

Restlessness has numerous causes; ranging from environmental to situational and physiological. Stress and anxiety, perhaps in the week leading up to a big presentation, can result in feelings of hypertension. Diet can also play a role. Foods or drinks that are high in sugar and/or caffeine can give you a “jittery” feeling. Given some time, those feelings will generally wear off on their own.

For those who are struggling to maintain their focus, there are homeopathic remedies for restlessness. Coffea-Crudea-30c will help calm the racing mind – helping you to focus on the task-at-hand. This can be a welcome relief to those who need their bodies and mind to feel more relaxed.

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