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There’s nothing like a nice warm night in the summer. Going for walks along woodland trails, spending evenings out on the deck, or sitting around a campfire are all outdoor activities we enjoy when the weather warms up. But, especially in the evenings, we have to share the great outdoors with all sorts of insects – many of the biting and blood-sucking variety. And for those who spend some of their summers on campgrounds or in cottage country, the bugs can be quite intense in remote, wooded areas.

Almost everyone has had the experience of coming inside after enjoying an evening outdoors and noticing numerous insect bites on the arms and legs. Even those who have prepared by applying bug repellent may not completely escape a bite or two.

Insect bites and their associated symptoms will vary depending on what bit you. Visually, they can range from small, rash-like dots, to larger fluid-filled bumps with swelling of the bitten area. Itchiness is a common after effect of an insect bite. This can be the result of your body’s natural reaction to the saliva of the insect or the venom of spider bite. Mosquitos, for example, after piercing your skin will inject their saliva while they feed. The bump and itchiness is the body’s reaction to this.

If you’re in need of a natural remedy, there is homeopathy for insect bites. Products like Ledum-Palulstre-30c and Apis-Mellifica-30c are both available from Olloïs. These organic, lactose-free treatments can relieve the itching and burning sensations associated with the bites. Their anti-inflammatory properties will help to reduce any swelling in the bite area and help it heal.

Learn more about Olloïs’ lineup of organic homeopathic treatments for insect bites by checking out the product page.

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