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Canker sores are painful lesions inside the mouth – usually found on the inside of the lips, around the gums, or along the side of the tongue. They appear as oval in shape with a white centre. Prior to noticing them visually, most will have felt their stinging or burning sensation.

The cause of canker sources is not universally agreed upon, though there are some common contributors. It appears that the pH level of mouth is a factor. Cankers can be triggered by eating acidic fruits, such as oranges, lemons, or pineapples. These kinds of foods can also amplify the pain of an existing canker. An injury or trauma to the mouth, such as the slip of a toothbrush, can also be a cause. It’s been found that anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen can trigger them and there is also mounting evidence that being under stress can have an effect.

For those who have suffered a canker sore in the past, or have to deal with them frequently, you’ll know how much discomfort a canker sore can cause. Depending on the location of the sore, even talking can be a source of discomfort. In an occupation that requires a great deal of communication, such as talking on the phone or presenting to others, a canker can be a major distraction that’s nearly impossible to ignore and difficult to hide. Eating meals is also uncomfortable – especially if acidic or spicy foods are on the menu.

Thankfully, there are homeopathic remedies for canker sores. Using Borax-30c, a product available from Olloïs, will provide you with natural relief. This treatment will help dull the pain of the sores, relieving the uncomfortable symptoms quickly and effectively.

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