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A burn is essentially damage to tissue caused by overexposure to heat, the sun, radiation, or certain chemicals. Friction can also cause burn damage to skin tissue. Even very minor ones can be quite painful. Around the home, the typical sources of burns are the kitchen stove and oven, barbecue, and, of course, too much sun. Brushing your arm against the inside of the oven while removing a dish or inadvertently touching a hot iron will result in a minor burn. This would likely be categorized as a 1st degree burn – which only affects the outer layer of the skin. A 2nd degree burn could also be possible, with damage reaching the second layer of skin. 3rd and 4th degree burns mean deeper tissues have been damaged. If a burn occurs where this level of severity is suspected, medical attention should be sought immediately.

The average minor burn still brings a great deal of pain. The area will remain painful for some time after the burn occurs. Cooling the burn by immersing it in cool water can provide some immediate pain relief. In some cases painful blisters can result which need to be protected and kept clean. Depending on the location of the burn, this may not be easy. Applying bandages will help keep clothing from rubbing it or from it being bumped and reinjured.

To help manage the issue, there are homeopathic remedies for burns. A treatment like Cantharis-30c, a 100% natural remedy from Olloïs, has been shown to reduce blistering and associated irritation.

Discover how the all-natural, organic, and lactose-free homeopathic remedies from Olloïs can help you manage skin irritations like burns.

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