Collection: Wound Healing

From minor cuts, bumps and bruises, to larger injuries, wounds come in all shapes and sizes. Work and play both have the potential to be the source of some required bandaging and a few ice packs.

Once you have your wound cleaned up and covered, you now have to live with it through the healing process. Depending on the nature of the injury and where it is on your body, this will include varying levels of distraction and discomfort. Even a simple paper cut on the index finger can make all kinds of routine tasks, such as typing, cooking, or even lifting light objects, difficult and/or painful. Cuts that have resulted from impact will likely include bruising as well. On a joint like the elbow or knee, this can impact your mobility and be tender to the touch.

Larger cuts, particularly wounds where stitches were required, will take longer to heal. And through that process, the wound will scab and can become itchy.

Fortunately, there is homeopathic medicine for wound healing. Silicea-30c, as an example, is a 100% natural remedy from Olloïs. It’s shown to have the ability to help the body fend off infections and strengthen the skin’s ability to heal.

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