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Common warts typically appear on the hands or fingers and are caused by a viral infection – the human papillomavirus (HPV). These small, fleshy growths are contagious and can be transferred to someone else through touch. The virus can gain entry through tiny cuts or scrapes on the hands or in and around the fingernails if the person bites them. Shared objects, such as towels, toys, or utensils, is often how the virus travels.

Young children are more susceptible warts because they haven’t yet built up immunity to the virus. Similarly, those with suppressed immunity are also at a higher risk.

On top of being contagious, warts are unsightly. They can take up to 6 months to reveal themselves after you’ve been infected and can last for up to 2 years. Given that they’re usually in a prominent position on the hands, they can be impossible to hide; causing sufferers to be self-conscious.

If you’re looking for a natural treatment, there is homeopathic medicine for warts. The Olloïs product, Thuja-Occidentalis-30c, is a 100%-natural remedy that can reduce swelling of the wart and has reportedly resulted in warts disappearing within a few weeks.

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