Collection: Sneezing &Running Nose

Sneezing is part of your body’s defence system, expelling perceived invaders such as dirt and bacteria. Entering a dust-filled room or a visit to a pollinating garden can send many into a series of sneezes. It’s the result of debris and/or allergens irritating the nasal mucous membranes and causing a natural reaction in the form of sneezing.

A runny nose is also part of this defence system. Dirt, debris, and bacteria are trapped by the mucous and digested in the stomach acids.

Runny noses and sneezing comes with a number of discomforts. Difficulty breathing and sniffling is a significant distraction to your work life and everyday routine. Constantly wiping the nostrils with tissues and frequent nose-blowing can lead to a raw, reddened, and irritated nose. These factors can also lead to difficulty sleeping.

Sneezing, in particular, spreads germs and viruses. As the body’s defence works to remove threats, a sneeze sends microscopic water droplets into the air which can spread germs and illnesses. And without frequent handwashing, a runny nose can be the source of germ and pathogen spread through touch. These symptoms make any interaction in a public setting problematic.

For those seeking relief, there is natural, homeopathic medicine for sneezing and a runny nose. They can help reduce mucous discharges by minimizing the sensitivity and inflammation of nasal membranes. This will make breathing easier and lessen the redness and irritation to the nostrils caused by itching and wiping with tissues.

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