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Piles, or hemorrhoids, are swollen veins either inside the rectum or on the exterior skin of the anus. This condition is very common, and approximately 75% of adults will deal with piles on occasion. There are a handful of causes, but straining the pelvic muscles is one of primary concern. This can happen while straining during a bowel movement, or by lifting heavy objects or weights. Dealing with constipation can also trigger piles.

Itchiness is a main concern among piles or hemorrhoids. For obvious reasons, this is a significant distraction during any day-to-day activity – especially on the job or away from home. Piles can also be painful; making sitting down very uncomfortable. Minor bleeding may also occur.

If you’re suffering from piles, you can get relief naturally. Homeopathic medicine for piles is available from Olloïs. Hamamelis-Virginiana-30c is 100% natural remedy that can improve circulation through the affected veins; helping to relieve the itchy discomfort and accelerate the healing process.

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