Collection: Nervousness

Nervousness is a natural feeling that’s part of your body’s response to stress. Physiologically, it triggers a host of hormonal responses that are designed to help prepare you for a perceived threat. Adrenaline is a part of the chemical response; causing your heart to beat quicker and raising your blood pressure to ready the muscles for fight or flight.

In some cases, this brings on feelings of excitement, worry, and fright – all at the same time. This can be overwhelming. Your palms may sweat, your mouth may become dry, and the feeling of tightness in your chest becomes apparent.

Everyone deals with being nervous at some point, to varying degrees. The moment before giving a presentation, the day of a big game, or walking into class to write your final exam will all trigger these primal responses. In these situations, the nervousness will often dissipate as the anticipated event begins. But when a number of anxiety-inducing events start to add up, the ability to manage these feelings becomes more and more difficult. Your work or school performance can become compromised. Maintaining focus on important tasks is a challenge since your mind and body is constantly on the lookout for something else. Even sitting still for an extended period of time becomes a daunting task. And, ultimately, the response being triggered is not in proportion with the perceived threat.

Regaining control over strong feelings of nervousness isn’t easy. Often, this can be something that adds to the nervous our anxious feeling. Luckily, there is a homeopathic remedy for nervousness that can help you get the upper hand.

Learn more about 100% natural remedies that can help you deal with restlessness. A product like Coffea-Cruda-30c can help you streamline your thoughts and minimize the worries that create the nervous feeling. This remedy is derived from the coffee bean and has been a long-time treatment for hypersensitivity and over-stimulation. It helps settle an active mind and helps regain your focus. The result is that you become more relaxed – enabling you to overcome the feelings of nervousness and, if nighttime approaches, get a good night’s sleep.