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Bad breath, or Halitosis, is an issue with a number of causes. Eating certain foods, as well as drinking coffee or using tobacco products – all have the ability to leave a lingering odour. Oral hygiene is also a significant and obvious factor. Sometimes however, it can be entirely unrelated. A tooth infection, cavity, or other dental issue can cause bacteria build ups which results in bad breath. A health issue like a common cold or sinus infection will cause nasal drip to occur into the throat. That discharge of mucus can also result in oral odour being created, but the congestion associated with colds and viruses can cause the mouth to dry and bacteria growth to proliferate.

In a social setting, bad breath can be off-putting; uncomfortable for those in proximity and a source of embarrassment and self-consciousness for the sufferer. For someone dealing with a dental issue such as an abscess or infection, this can be very frustrating.

Fortunately, there are 100% natural homeopathic medicines for bad breath. A remedy, such as Mercurius-Solubilis-30c – available from Olloïs, will provide you with the relief you’re looking for. This is particularly effective if the halitosis is accompanied by a moist mouth. In some cases, salivary glands become overactive, producing excess amounts of saliva that emits an odour. This treatment is also effective for bad breath that is being caused by a tooth infection, decay, or another dental issue like gum infections.

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