Remedies for Cold & Flu Season

Remedies for Cold & Flu Season

The rise of cold and flu season is the perfect time to start taking steps to boost your immune system and stock up your supply of preventative health products. Your immune system weakens in the winter months due to the decrease in Vitamin D, so it’s not uncommon to wake up with a stuffy nose or cough.

Whether you are a working professional or a busy parent, it’s important to build a toolbox of natural remedies for cold and flu season in case you get exposed to a virus. In this article, we will break down some of the best ways to curb your symptoms and restore your immune system naturally.


Sore Throat and Dry Cough

If you have a sore throat and it’s painful to swallow, you’ll want to get as many vitamins and nutrients as possible from foods that are easy to eat. Consider adding fresh ginger and raw honey to a warm herbal tea that you can drink throughout the day. Honey has natural antiviral properties, especially when it’s ingested in raw, unrefined form.

Smoothies and broth-based soups are beneficial to keep on hand, alongside a lot of water with electrolytes and minerals. If you have a sore throat, it might not be appealing to eat whole foods, so you’ll want to keep items on hand that make it easy to stay nourished.

Pick up a tube of the Olloïs Phytolacca Decandra which specifically targets painful sore throats while helping to relieve the raw, inflamed feeling that can come from excess coughing.* If you suffer from a dry cough, Olloïs Phosphorus can help relieve the tingle in the back of the throat, allowing you to breathe deeper and get some rest.* 

Consider rubbing some natural mint or eucalyptus rub on your chest to break up mucus or sit in a warm eucalyptus bath with essential oils. Aromatherapy can help you find relief while reducing any pain or discomfort you may be experiencing.



Headache, Fever & Nasal Discharge

Symptoms of a headache, runny nose & fever can be signs that a cold/flu is coming on. If you are struggling with these symptoms, you want to get warm compresses to place over your nose and eye area. Consider sitting in the shower with a eucalyptus shower bomb, or simply placing some essential oils on the floor to steam as the water flows.

Allow your nose to drain out by blowing your nose and staying inside away from allergens that could cause flare-ups. Rest when you can to ensure they stay lubricated and free from aggravation. Olloïs Kali Bichromicum can help reduce headache and nasal discharge.* To make sure bringing down your body's elevated temperature, try Olloïs Aconitum Napellus.*


General Full-Body Flu Symptoms

Sometimes flu symptoms can be robust causing a headache, fever, cough, sore throat, congested nose, and more. If you know you are prone to catching the flu, or just want to stay prepared during this season, the Olloïs Essential Kit is perfect to have on hand. This kit includes everything you need to target a variety of flu symptoms naturally, making it a great staple to your medicine cabinet.

Traditional medicines try to target a variety of symptoms at once, but really, they are just temporarily relieving discomfort instead of actually helping you heal. We recommend pairing our products with healthy habits that help you feel your best while healing from the inside out.


Stay Preventative This Cold and Flu Season

It’s never fun to feel under the weather or struggle to find last-minute remedies that mend your symptoms. The earlier you can start boosting your immune system and targeting critical symptoms, the quicker you’ll be back on the road to wellness. Explore our other blog posts if you want more inspiration on how to live a healthier, happier life naturally.

Are you looking for medical-grade homeopathic remedies for cold and flu seasons? Here at Olloïs, we offer an exclusive line of natural products for all of your symptom concerns. Explore everything we have to offer to keep you healthy this cold and flu season!

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