Protect your Skin Naturally against Sunburns, Stings & Bug Bites

Protect your Skin Naturally against Sunburns, Stings & Bug Bites

Summer is a beautiful time when nature comes alive again, and many people look forward to spending time in the sun. The downfall of the warmer months is the all-to-well-known stings, sunburns, and bug bites that feel impossible to avoid. Natural skin treatments are a great way to relieve painful symptoms. Most importantly, they deter individuals from itching and irritating the area, which can prolong the healing process. Here is a complete guide breaking down our top natural skin treatments for summer.


Soothe Bug Bites From Mosquitos and Ants

Bug bites can cause discomfort and are often accompanied by an insatiable desire to itch. Itching leads to inflammation and can cause the area to scab over. The first step should always be relieving itching, so the bite has time to heal. If you are experiencing stinging or itching, apply a cold compress. For large clusters of bites, soak the area in an ice bath for five minutes.

Cold temperatures remove inflammation and can temporarily help itching subside. Additionally, this is a great time to take Olloïs Ledum Palustre 30C Vegan Organic, which is a traditional homeopathic remedy for stings and bites.*

Oatmeal soothes pain and discomfort, whereas honey boasts strong anti-microbial properties. Oatmeal is a natural anti-irritant, so consider making a homemade paste with equal parts oatmeal, water, and honey.  Gently layer the mixture over the bite and reapply as needed.

After relieving the initial sting, take Olloïs Belladonna 30C Vegan Organic to relieve pain and inflammation. Traditionally, this herbal blend has been used for fever, headache, and inflammatory symptoms.* Prevent bug bites from ruining the rest of your day and set your body up for easeful healing.


Relief Stings From Natural Exposure and the Elements

Spending all day outside can warrant exposure to various plants and elemental influences. It’s common for individuals to experience stings, irritation, or even rashes as a result. Thankfully, plenty of natural remedies can soothe sore skin in no time. If you don’t have calamine lotion on hand, look through your cabinets for baking soda.

If irritation is centralized, make a paste with three teaspoons of baking soda and one tablespoon of water. Rub the paste onto your body and allow it to dry. Reapply as needed. Add half a cup of baking soda to a warm bathtub for larger stings. Allow your entire body to soak for up to twenty minutes.

Once you get out of the bath, apply Apple Cider Vinegar on a cotton pad routinely throughout the day. Keep the area moisturized with non-irritating oatmeal or natural-based lotion. Combining Olloïs Belladonna 30C Vegan Organic and Olloïs Sulphur 30C Vegan Organic is a great way to fight inflammation and symptoms from eczema and rashes.*


Calm Painful Sunburn Symptoms

Sometimes sunburns feel inevitable even if you slathered on SPF throughout the day. It’s essential to treat sunburns as soon as possible to avoid pain, flaking, and peeling days down the line. When you are bathing, focus on fragrance-free products. Take a cool shower after a long day in the sun. Apply fresh aloe vera while your skin is still damp. It will have optimal effects if you can source aloe straight from the plant.

Sunburn symptoms can worsen over time, so take an oatmeal bath if your skin starts itching. Add a few drops of chamomile essential oils to relieve pain and stinging. Take Olloïs Cantharis 30C Lactose-Free Organic to help ward off burns and blisters* that can arise in the following days. Be diligent about this routine for up to five days until your sunburn stops showing signs of irritation. If you suffer from post-sun headaches, fever and skin inflammation* Olloïs Belladonna 30C Vegan Organic is a great preventative to keep on hand during the summer months.

Stay Prepared For Summer and Keep Natural Remedies on Hand

Vacation season is in full swing, and you deserve to enjoy good-old-fashioned fun in the sun. Stock up your home with natural remedies and keep them on you while traveling. If you do suffer from sunburns, bug bites, or stings, you’ll have the right tools to seek relief immediately.

The quicker you treat symptoms, the easier it will be for your body to heal quickly. A combination of topical and oral homeopathic treatments is the best way to build a well-rounded regimen.

Are you looking for natural skin treatments for summer? Check out our extensive line of pharmaceutical quality, homeopathic medicines that are safe for the entire family. Olloïs is here to help you feel your best and access traditional natural remedies easily.


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