Our Beautiful Gardens in the South of France

Our Beautiful Gardens in the South of France
At Olloïs we are very proud of our unique manufacturing process and seed to shelf approach. This summer part of our team got the chance to visit our gardens, laboratory, and production site in the Cévennes, France.
In 2020 Olloïs merged with the French laboratory and manufacturer of homeopathic remedies – Sevene Group. The Sevene headquarters are located in Saint-Hippolyte-du-Fort in the South of France. Office, production and one of two laboratories can be found in the small-town Saint-Hippolyte-du-Fort. About 25 minutes out, in the Cévennes National Park is where our gardens are located. Come and follow us around!

Plantation Visit

First day and we woke up early to make our way up to the National Park. Jeanne, our plantation manager took us on a tour through the gardens and explained the strict process for planting, growing, and harvesting the medicinal plants. The water and soil quality are tested regularly to make sure there are no changes in the environment which could affect the quality of our remedies. Sevene developed a unique watering system to make sure the plants survive the high temperatures during the summer months.

One of the things that impressed us the most was the on-site drying room. While most remedies require freshly harvested plants, some of them need to be dried before entering the laboratory for further production. A special drying process allows the plants to dry slowly and on different levels through an all-natural air circulation process. The drying process looks different and varies for each plant. We made it just in time to watch the workers harvesting Rhus Toxicodendron leaves and taking the fresh harvest up to the on-site laboratory within less than an hour.


Mother Tincture Laboratory

The mother tincture laboratory can be found on the plantation site in the National Park. We meet Severinne, the Mother Tincture Manufacturing Manager. She explains how the harvested plants evaluated for potencies and are turned into powerful mother tinctures. It is a strict process, and we must wear appropriate cloths before entering the laboratory.


Analytical Laboratory

Today we are touring the analytical lab at the Sevene headquarters. Alexandre, one of Pharmacists introduces us to Claire and Remi our two Chemists who are currently running tests to proof the reaction of the mother tinctures with other substances. These sorts of tests are necessary to secure the highest quality of the tincture under external influence of other substances.

Production & Labeling

Next up, we get to see the pre-diluted mother tinctures, the last dilution process and impregnation of the pellets with the tincture. All mother tinctures are refilled and stored in 30ml bottles with a pre-diluted tincture of 29 or 199 (depending in the final 30C or 200CK dilution). As the whole process would take up to 2.5 hours for a 200CK diluted mother tincture the pre-dilution process saves a lot of time. The pellets are filled in a big jar which is constantly rotating while the mother-tincture is added - 1ml of the mother tincture makes up to 1,400 tubes of the homeopathic remedy! Once the process is done the pellets get filled into tubes and go straight to our labeling machine.

Julien, our production manager makes sure the labels get printed correctly on our tubes. With the help of three other Production Operators the tubes go through the final checks, before boxing. Once everything is ready to ship the tubes are sent to our Olloïs headquarters in Los Angeles, California.

We hope you enjoyed our blog post and hopefully got a better idea of what is happening behind the scenes at Olloïs.


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