Ollopets - Natural Remedies for your Pet's Wellbeing

Ollopets - Natural Remedies for your Pet's Wellbeing

Pets deserve to be treated just like kids, with the right daily dose of tenderness, love, and care. Many pet parents research the best remedies to help pets feel their best. Homeopathic remedies are only effective but also an affordable solution.

Veterinarians support animal health with treatment options and specialty care plans. However, holistic products can be used daily to prevent illness, promote a sense of wellbeing, and boost the overall health of your furry friend.  Here is the complete guide for any pet parent looking for natural dental, joint, digestive, or nervous system health solutions.

Natural Dental Care for Pets

The dental health of cats and dogs is greatly linked back to their diet. Ensure your pets are eating a balanced diet, with high-quality nutrient rich foods. Many animals naturally clean their teeth while eating, playing, or chewing on a bone. Both cats and dogs can benefit from having raw bones to chew on, since it strengthens their teeth and removes tartar.

Pet parents can use small animal tooth brushes to massage the gums and teeth gently with a swallow-safe toothpaste. Ollopets Dental Care - Homeopathic Remedy for Pets is a great option if you’re looking to relief swollen gums, tooth decay, cracks, receding gums or tartar. Place a few drops on a treat, or into your pets water bowl. We make products that are safe for all pet types including dogs, cats, rabbits and birds. For everyday prevention of tartar build up, check out the Ollopets Dental Spray - Homeopathic Remedy for Pet to help prevent plague.

Natural Joint and Muscle Care for Pets

Especially as pets get older, muscular and joint health is a top priority. Ensure your pet is getting an adequate amount of movement everyday to relieve joint tension. Regularly massage your pets joints if they show signs of discomfort, spasms, or pain. Give pets the Ollopets Joints & Muscles - Homeopathic Remedy for Pets to help relieve symptoms when they appear. These symptoms can include joint stiffness, soreness, lameness, muscle tension, swelling, physical exertion, and physical trauma. Our organic oral drops are formulated optimally with 6 different vet approved homeopathic remedies. It’s our goal to bring your pet relief in a natural way.

Natural Nausea Prevention for Pets

No pet parent ever wants to see their animal suffer from nausea, constipation or stomach upset. If your dog is showing signs of distress, consider mixing organic pumpkin puree into their food. The high fiber index is safe for dogs and helps stimulate a healthy gastrointestinal tract. Cats on the other hand are highly influenced by their environment.

Make sure to create a calm, peaceful space with familiar items they can play with. Limit your cat’s food intake if they are showing signs of nausea, and make sure they stay hydrated. Additionally, applying petroleum jelly to their paws can help cats eliminate fur balls naturally.

A safe nausea remedy for all animals is the Ollopets Nausea - Homeopathic Remedy for Pets which relieves symptoms like nausea from travel, motion sickness, vertigo, and vomiting. Give your pet the suggested amount when symptoms arise, and administer as needed.

Natural Stress-Relief for Pets

Pets can experience stress for a variety of reasons such as storms, travel, or separation anxiety. If you know your pet gets anxious during certain events, consider building a preparation routine for them. For animals that don’t enjoy being alone, give them ample time to play beforehand. A sleepy pet is likely to spend their time napping after a few hours of play.

If your pet is afraid of storms, make sure to make them feel secure during thunderstorms. Wrap them in blankets and let them go in a room that is quiet. Work on building positive relationships around storms by showing them they get extra cuddles and one-on-one time with you. The Ollopets Stress - Homeopathic Remedy for Pets is the perfect natural treatment to give your pet beforehand. It helps calm stress from storms, vet visits, separation, travel, mourning, and restlessness.

Homeopathic Medicine is Your Pet’s Companion

Like humans, pets can experience an array of emotional and physical changes. It’s important to stock your house with homeopathic essentials to ensure you always have a remedy on hand to support your pet’s wellbeing.

Are you looking for veterinarian approved homeopathic remedies for pets? Ollopets is a wonderful line of holistic supplements safe for animals of all types. We bring you an exclusive line of products so you can shop for all of your pets needs. Peace of mind guaranteed.

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