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Dear OLLOIS Team, Thank you! Thank you so much for making lactose-free remedies. I remember how horrible I felt the first time I took a homeopathic and got terrible GI cramps! . Some of us are extremely sensitive!

Elizabeth L.  

How amazing and necessary your product is! A large majority of our customers have serious food allergies. Ollois has been a lifesaver for many of these same customers, as they can take them safely and without worry. I for one, am extremely grateful that an alternative like Ollois is available on the market. 

Many thanks!

Dr. Chris K.
Nutrition and Wellness Coordinator

I would like to buy stock in your company! I have noticed that the area around CO is similar to some parts of Europe, could the arnica montana plant be grown here?

Thank you!

Elise B.

Kudos to your company for being cruelty free and mostly vegan. Perhaps someday you will be entirely vegan. 🙂  There is so much animal suffering on the planet. I think if people were more aware of what goes on behind the scenes, they would make different choices.

Debra, Santa Barbara CA

From a marketing standpoint, that point (being Lactose-Free) definitely makes your brand stand out from the rest of the numerous homeopathic brands out there. It makes a big difference to the many who avoid dairy and lactose.

Carla R. 

Please know that I purchased your product because it's lactose free, which is great! I hope you're successful in the U.S. We need more awareness of homeopathy here!

Iris F.

The reason I write is that your product has made my hot flashes disappear! My best friend suffers from RLS and I thought you might have something for her, too!

Thank you so much!

Susan L.

I just wanted to let your company know that you are doing a awesome job. Keep up the fantastic work and thank you!

Patricia F. , CA

Do you have kits for homeopathic professionals and patient brochures??.. I am a practitioner and educator...I really like the chemical and lactose free products and have been discussing with other clinicians..the importance of both.  Thanks!

Susan H.

Hello, I am happy to see that you offer vegan homeopathy medicines!

Doryan N.

I am happy to know your line is out there and will promote others to order your line.

Janet G.

Thank you for making vegan homeopathic remedies! I intend to purchase some from you.

Sara M.