The Natural Way to Better Health - A Wholesome Lifestyle Part III: The Body

The Natural Way to Better Health - A Wholesome Lifestyle Part III: The Body

Estimated reading time 7 minutes. We hope you take the time with us to read through this blog post and learn more about your body.

Do you feel run down physically, convincing yourself that’s your new normal? Many people suffer from low energy, chronic pain, digestive issues, and the list goes on. Oftentimes we’re taught that we are supposed to keep pushing forward, despite all the red flags your body is sending you. Every symptom that shows up in our body is a message. Many of us are urgently replying to texts or emails, but when it comes to our body we promptly go into “do not disturb” mode. Your body is demanding your attention, and it’s about time we all take a step back to listen. You don’t have to spend every day feeling under the weather, tormented by a slew of symptoms.

It’s important to tune into our systems, so we can take actionable steps towards healing. True healing goes to the root of the problem and pinpoints a solution that works. This isn’t as impossible as it sounds. We’re here to help bring the path of holistic health out of the darkness and into the light. There are natural remedies our body loves, and simple solutions that nurture our systems instead of hiding them with quick fixes.

The world we live in today is busier than ever. Everyone is juggling their to-do list, neglecting a balanced diet or healthy movement due to a lack of time. The more you push yourself into this rabbit hole, turning to coffee or energy drinks to get through the day. These symptoms begin to multiply, creating even more feelings of helplessness! You don’t have to be stuck in this cycle of chaos forever. When you begin prioritizing your health, you step into a space of empowerment. You deserve to feel good every day. To embrace the potential of your body and rediscover the liberation of health.

There are some simple steps you can incorporate into your life to find your healthy balance. It’s not about perfection, but the small steps you take to love yourself. Your body helps you get through every day. Everyone deserves to hold space for themselves and expand the true potential your body is craving.

Let's go over our top three tips to nurture your body.

1. Balance Your Plate

The key word in this is balance. Many people view food as working against them, instead of for them. When you shift your perspective, you can begin to mend your relationship with food. Food is fuel, and it’s where our bodies derive energy to carry us through the world. If you are filling your system with processed foods, or you’re not eating enough to support yourself—your system starts wearing down. Many people don’t realize that when you’re in a stress state, your appetite gets all out of whack. Some people forget to eat entirely, or others start craving sugar as relief. When you balance your plate, you eat in a way that keeps you satiated. It’s not about overthinking your diet, restricting more, or making food a hassle. When you balance what you eat you promote a healthy metabolism and digestive system.

Many people suffer digestive issues and don’t ever pinpoint why. You might have a food sensitivity, or not be eating frequently enough to keep your system running smoothly. Diet effects everyone differently. Do you feel tired throughout the day, overstressed, or struggle with stomach issues? It might be time to take a look at your plate and learn what is working for you. As you balance your plate, we recommend you try out Olloïs Carbo Vegetabilis. If you suffer from constant bloat or digestive pain, there’s homeopathic remedies that not only relieve symptoms but promote healing. Another great option for healing your stomach from the inside out is Olloïs Arsenicum Album. This herb is amazing for intestinal distress, diarrhea, or indigestion. When you combine natural remedies with a balanced diet, you can begin to uncover the solutions your body is craving.



2. Discover Your Movement Practice

Movement is not just exercise; it’s about embracing your ability to move and get your blood flowing. If you live a sedentary lifestyle, or work an office job, your body starts retaining all this pent-up energy. This can lead to joint pain, restlessness, and overall, a foggy headspace. It can be hard sometimes to carve time out of the day to move your body. However, it can be as easy as getting up from your chair and doing ten jumping jacks. Maybe go on a five-minute walk up your street or do a light yoga practice. These forms of movement aren’t strenuous, but they help keep things flowing so you can feel your best. Are you getting into bed every night feeling like it’s hard to unwind? Even a twenty-minute walk after dinner can help stimulate your nervous system and relieve the stagnant energy that’s weighing you down. On top of integrating movement as a form of healing, we recommend incorporating Olloïs Chamomilla into your evening routine. This is great for eliminating restlessness that keeps you from reaching a state of true relaxation.

I’m sure many of you are familiar with endorphins, those happy hormones that get released when we move. Endorphins occur when you increase the energy flowing through your body. They also are a mood elevator that our systems give us naturally. If you are looking to balance your body with movement, it can drastically improve your mood. If you often feel moody for no reason, try using Olloïs Sepia alongside your movement practice. This is sure to offer you a nice package towards a happier, healthier body.



3. An Evening De-Stress Routine

Stress hormones wreak havoc on much more than your mind. They have a direct connection to your body, how you sleep, and how you feel throughout the day. Everyone’s going to experience stressful times, it’s an unavoidable part of life. But there’s ways you can encourage your body to calm down and destress naturally. This should be a priority in your life, especially at the end of every day. If you don’t give yourself time to tap out, how do you expect to wake up rejuvenated in the morning? Stress can cause headaches, digestive issues, fatigue, and irritability. Many people push themselves physically to a breaking point far too often. You over schedule yourself, don’t eat correctly and don’t sleep enough.

If you work a busy job, or come home stressed every day, there’s ways you can learn to find your inner peace. It shouldn’t feel like a special occasion when you get to truly de-stress. It’s important to pinpoint things that bring you joy. Maybe that’s reading at night with a cup of tea, taking a bath, or spending time with your family. If you work on the computer all day, or stay on your feet for eight hours straight, it’s not uncommon to suffer from migraines. When your body finally gets a second to rest, all those stress symptoms start showing up from the day. If you struggle with headaches, try out Olloïs Belladonna. This is a great way to holistically care for your body, instead of numbing yourself with pain relievers. Another great option to accompany this in your evening is Olloïs Silicea. This helps relieve symptoms of fatigue and irritability that can arise from being overworked throughout the day. Create an evening routine that packs a punch, and helps you unwind from a long day. You’ll wake up feeling rested and rejuvenated for the new day ahead.

We understand that caring for your body can feel like a heavy task. Remember that you have to nurture yourself from the inside out, to keep working hard and accomplishing your goals. Many of these tips encourage a change in perspective and remind you to take care of your body so you feel better. This is the most important part of a healthy, balanced life. 

Check out our Olloïs products for help as you expand upon your health journey. We specialize in homeopathic remedies for health and happiness because we know what your body deserves.


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